MiniGames - Teeter and Tea Party

Back in 2007, I took some time off, and then got some more time off while waiting for legal and immigration paperwork before moving to the US and working for Intel. During this time, I wrote various simulation and graphics code along with a couple of tech demos to pass the time. Download: Teeter and Tea Party No install, just unzip. Run the .exe file to play.

D3D 9 DLLs required: These mini games use D3D version 9. Some of the corresponding libraries (D3DX utils) are not included with Windows 7 or 8 anymore. If you've got some games already installed on your system, then you might already be ok. Alternatively, If you try to run an exe, but get an error: d3dx9_34.dll not found then try to install the DX libraries from this era. Search for directx_Jun2010_redist.exe or install the full jun2010 SDK from Microsoft's site, or from someone other website you trust.

To Play: you navigate around the game level using the mouse to decide where to look and WASD or arrow keys to move (standard mouselook interface). The left mouse button lets you do any action that you need to do whether that be pick up and carry a crystal, move other objects, or dig. Additionally, (in Teeter) you may find it useful to use the mousewheel to hold the crystals closer or further away from you when trying to place them on the teeter-totter. The spacebar can be used to jump - not a requirement for this game. The ESC key will exit.

Teeter Balance Puzzle: In this game you start by finding 2 crystals, getting them balanced, and then you are able to go find the third crystal. Then you bring it back and balance all 3 of them. Then get the 4th crystal, and so on. The 12-way teeter totter can be balanced using fewer than 12 crystals. If you get stuck at 5, then dont give up - there is an answer. In fact there are solutions using any number between 2 and 10. Note that it cant be done with just 1 or with 11, which is why the puzzle aspect of the game starts at 2. The HUD in the upper right corner shows a top down view of the balance so you can easily see the current layout.

Tea Party Story: Back in 1773 the people were upset with the English King's management of the colonies. The objective is to "stick it to the man" by dumping his tea into the water. The real gameplay is with the tea crates below deck that are heavy and can only be pushed - not pulled. Use the right strategy so you don't push the crates into a corner and get stuck.

No animals were harmed and no middleware was used in the making of these games.

Tea Party Trailer